Blood Pressure Monitor

Features of NIBP With Pulse Oximeter 4040

  • Manufactured using NIBP technology from Suntech Medical Inc., USA
  • Oscilliometric method measuring Systolic, Diastolic, MPA & Pulse Rate
  • Selectable Adult & Neonate functions with separate inflation and alarm setting
  • User selectable initial inflation pressure
Three modes
  • STAT (5 quick measurements) &
  • AUTP (measurements at user selectable time interval
  • Automatic pressure release for overpressure
  • Memory of last 99 measurements available for display & print-out
  • Wide range of cuffs available from 2.5 to 16 cms with

Oximeter Features:

  • Manufactured using Oximeter technology from Nonin Medical Inc., USA
  • 3 colour perfusion LED index displays the perfusion status
  • Green (Good Perfusion)
  • Orange (Marginal Perfusion) &
  • Red (Inadequate Perfusion)
  • Pulse Beep is sounded for every detected pulse, with the tone varying according to SpO2 value
  • Sensor Alarm indicates that the sensor has been disconnected either from patient or from oximeter
  • Ten segment LED bargraph indicates pulse strength
  • Wide range of sensor available with most of the sensor having 3 meter cable lengths
  • Memory of past 24 hours available for display & print-out at intervals of 1 to 99 min