Blood Warmer

Blood Warmer AM301


  • Meet individual needs
  • User-adjustable set-point temperature [36’C or 39’C]
  • Ensure safe use
  • Easy to read LED display of actual outlet fluid temperature
  • Audible and Visible over-temperature alarms Alarm test available by the “check” button
  • Save cost
  • No disposable set required Available for two standard tube sixes (4mm & 5mm)
  • Extend application
  • User-selectable flow rate range [gravity drip]
  • 1-15ml/min : Single-channel setting [photo 1]
  • 1-20ml/min : Dual-channel setting [photo 2]
  • Offer greater convenience
  • Mountable horizontally and vertically compact and light-weight with a handle Easy maintenance
  • User-selectable flow rate range gravity


  • Infusion or transfusion for pre-surgery, post-surgery or short-term surgeries