Capnograph 3400

Flexibility to choose Mainstream or Sidestream Capnograph:
Mainstream Sensor (Capnostat 5)
  • Small, lightweight mainstream CO2 sensor provides accurate and reliable monitoring for all incubated patients from neonates to adults
  • Built for maximum durability, the sensor is tough enough to withstand everyday life in ICU or EMS environment
  • Useful in long-term ventilator management, verification of proper ET tube placement, confirmation of ET tube stability during transport
Sidestream Sensor (LoFlo)
  • LoFlo is the newest 50ml sampling rate sensor that provides consistent and reliable CO2 monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • LloFlo’s broad range of sampling accessories helps in incorporating advanced filtering system & external sample cell that provides up to 120 hours of protection against occlusions which are caused by moisture/secretions
  • Useful in monitoring the effects of pain-controlled analgesia, monitoring respiratory efforts during procedural sedation, safety monitoring post-extubation, screening tool in the ED for respiratory complications such as asthma
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