Syringe Infusion Pump

Syringe Pump 860


  • EMCO – Syringe Infusion Pump Infusor 860 is designed for the administration of Anti-Cancer Drugs, Oxytocics, Chemotherapy Medication, Anaesthesia and Life Saving Drugs
  • Front loading of Syringes for easy syringe placements
  • Bright Blue LCD with white characters for easy viewing
  • Built-in Microprocessor surveys all operating and alarm parameters
  • Self diagnostic facility – checks AC Mains and also prompts the user in case of Wrong entry
  • Simply start the pump by selecting the syringe and entering the rate
  • Titration - Only two actions to change the flow rate whilst infusing
  • Accepts syringes from 10, 20, 30, 50/60, 100 ml of major Indian brands such as dispovan, BD, Romsons, etc
  • Wide range of flow rates from 0.1 ml/hr to 400 ml/hr. Infusion Can be programmed in time (hr, min, sec)
  • High Volumetric Accuracy over the entire delivery range
  • Delivery of fluid at quick rate using Bolus facility. Bolus delivery can be Automatic or Manual
  • Bolus rate up to 1700 ml/hr for 100 ml Syringes & 1000 ml for 50/60 ml Syringes
  • “Anti-Bolus” system for patient safety
  • 3 level Occlusion Pressure settings (High/Med/Low)
  • Display of Vital Parameters such as Rate of Infusion, Cumulative Volume Infused and Time of Infusion on LCD Backlit Display
  • Audio and Visual alarms to indicate Occlusion, Near end infusion, Syringe empty, End of Infusion, KVO, Low Battery, Insert Syringe, No Mains etc
  • Battery operation possible for Emergencies and Transport. LED indication for battery and mains operation
  • Fluid entry proof control panel to avoid damage to interior circuitry and malfunctioning of the pump
  • Ideally suitable for OT, ICCU, NICU, PICU, Pain Management, Ambulance, etc
  • More than 8000 installations of Syringe Pumps all over India