Syringe Infusion Pump

Syringe Pump 950


  • Intuitive & user friendly operations
  • Simple entry of parameters via numeric keypad
  • Automatic syringe size detection
  • Accepts syringe from 5 ml to 50/60 ml of all majors Indian Brands like Dispovan, Romsons as well as all imported brands
  • Programmable infusion rate up to 1500 ml/h (Max)
  • Titration allows change of infusion parameters without interruption of infusion
  • Programmable infusion in “volume over time” mode
  • Set-up menu enables customization of the pump
  • Easy Pump Mode – Syringe pump can be programmed to start infusion within 3 steps (Select Syringe, Enter Rate, Start)
  • Anti-bolus & anti-siphon functions increase patient safety
  • Drug library contains 27 frequently used drug names, Further 36 drug names can be added/replaced by the physician upto a total of 63 drug names
  • Automatic and manual bolus modes
  • Audio reminder during bolus
  • Last Configuration (Drug, Rate, VTBI, Bolus, Occlusion) is saved
  • Data Event Logging (2000 events) to PC (Software Optional)
  • Ideally suited for adults and neonates in general wards, critical and intensive care, operating rooms and emergency rooms